South Africa´s first
Maternity Hospital

Origin is the first privately owned natural birth and women’s wellness centre in the Western Cape. We bring a whole new dimension to the birth experience: providing the option to give birth with a multidisciplinary team in a family-focused environment, with carefully chosen midwives and obstetricians who understand our philosophy. All the necessary medical support is at hand.



This insert from Kwela on kykNET gives great insight into what makes our General Manager Sydney Grové tick, as well as Origin’s unique approach. Well worth watching (and sharing)!

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Origin is proud to be affiliated with Lila, the practice of our resident obstetricians/gynaecologists Drs Lindi Murray and Ilana Johnson, who strive to manage all aspects of pregnancy as well as select gynae procedures at Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital.

Please contact Lila here for more information.

Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital Practice Number is 067 1622
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