If you are on a medical aid, please contact your medical aid to confirm whether they cover postnatal visits and consultations that take place at Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital. The practice that carries out these consultations is registered with the medical aids as Grové De Beer Midwife Practice (Practice No. 0622184). Please use this name when you  ask which benefits are covered.

The Grové De Beer Midwife Practice is contracted out. All clients must settle the costs of consultations by EFT before they take place. Those with medical aid may claim the consultation fee back from their medical aids themselves.

At home visits*

The Grové De Beer Midwife Practice offers 3 visits at home: When baby is 3 days old, 10 days old and 21 days old:

  • The cost of the first home visit is R921 for a 60-minute consultation.

  • The cost per subsequent visit is R682.50.

*Annual fee increases on the 1st of April each year.


We are only able to carry out home visits within a 25 km radius of Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital.

NOTE: If you are a Discovery member, please refer to the Discovery website regarding HomeCare visits, whereby you can get these three visits for free if you leave hospital one day early. 


Postnatal consultations at the hospital

You may prefer to come in to Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital for postnatal consultations with midwives from the Grové De Beer Midwife Practice. In this case the costs (incl. VAT) are as follows:

  • First consultation of 1 hour: R682.50

  • Follow-up consultations of 30 minutes: R472.50

*Annual fee increases on the 1st of April each year.

For appointments contact:; 021 911 0650

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