Childbirth is not a medical procedure, but a miraculous event in a woman’s life. Healthy women should be afforded the benefit of labouring with the supportive care of a midwife in a tranquil environment, with access to vital obstetric care and medical facilities, should the need arise.

This is what you can expect from your Origin midwife:


Involving your family and your beliefs

Informed decisions

Your Birth Plan

Regarding the birth process as a sacred event

Natural techniques for comfort

Encouragement during labour as it progresses

Support in avoiding risks to yourself and your baby

Exploring various ways of relaxation within your comfort zone

Plenty of information

Information on all relative issues before, during and after your pregnancy

Pain management

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

All tests and procedures before, during and after your pregnancy

Personal attention

Prenatal visits with time to address questions

Resolving fears and concerns

Trusting and nurturing relationships with caregivers

Counselling and support

A care provider during
your birthing process

A midwife will support you during the most important moments of your birthing process