Birthing with a midwife

What is the difference when you choose to birth with a midwife?


A midwife is a qualified and registered nurse who thereafter receives extra training from an accredited midwifery programme and is certified by the South African Nursing Council. A midwife is thus a trained medical professional with 5 to 6 (in the case of Advanced Midwives) years of full-time study behind them. A midwife is a responsible and accountable individual who works in partnership with women to provide the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labour and the period after birth, to conduct low-risk births and to provide care for the newborn.

Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital prides itself on the collective expertise and wisdom of its midwives, all of whom have tertiary qualifications and many years of experience.

Midwives listen to women and provide the information that they need so they can make fully informed and educated decisions about their health care, the birth experience and post-birth actions. Some of the midwives at Origin also consult for the Grove De Beer Midwife Practice, and provide personalised care for you and your baby, including:

  • Preconception care (while you’re trying to become pregnant)
  • Consultations throughout pregnancy
  • Labour and delivery care
  • Care after birth, including breastfeeding support
  • Newborn care
  • Assistance and advice for family planning decisions
  • Counselling on health maintenance and disease prevention
  • Vaccinations.

Origin’s midwives focus on your individual and unique preferences, cultural values and beliefs and personal wishes for support during your birth. Midwives at Origin do not carry out any interventions that are not supported by clear and accredited scientific evidence, and work in collaboration with affiliated gynaecologists and paediatricians who are close at hand and consulted should the need arise. Every birth is regarded as sacred and special.