Is our hospital "baby friendly"?

Origin is more than ‘baby friendly’ – it is friendly to the whole family! This is why ‘family- centred’ is part of our name: Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital. This means that Origin provides a family-friendly environment focused on health, wellness, support and the special and unique needs of each childbearing woman and her baby:

  • Childbirth is seen as a state of wellness – a normal life event involving dynamic emotional, social and physical change;
  • Prenatal care is personalised to the psychosocial, educational, physical, spiritual and cultural needs of each woman and her family;
  • Our team helps the family make informed choices during pregnancy, labour, birth, after birth and during newborn care, striving to provide the experience they desire;
  • The father, partner and/or other supportive persons of the mother’s choice are actively involved in the educational process, labour, birth, and after birth andduring newborn care;
  • We encourage freedom of movement as beneficial for the labouring woman. This is why we are the first maternity hospital in Africa to have a wireless cardiotocograph to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and contractions, if necessary, while a woman is moving freely or birthing in water);
  • We avoid carrying out so-called ‘routine’ interventions that are not supported by scientific evidence;
  • We promote skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth and exclusive breast-feeding.
  • If the client wishes, a limited number of family and friends are encouraged to be present during her labour and birth ( to be determined by the nursing staff at the time whose decision needs to be respected and adhered to for the benefit of birthing process)
  • New moms may have visitors at any time if they are in a luxury birth suite, and up to 8 pm if sharing a two-bed room.