Origin gains gynaecology licence and two resident female O&G specialists

With much being said in the media around the declining numbers of obstetricians in South Africa, owing to (among others) their massive indemnity insurance, Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital in Panorama has gained itself two of the rarest of the rare – female obstetrician/gynaecologists (O&Gs). The two – Dr Lindi Murray and Dr Ilana Johnson – are to be Origin’s resident O&Gs, with rooms just a floor above the maternity hospital in Panorama Healthcare Centre.

Says General Manager of Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital, Sydney Grové: “I am delighted to announce that Origin is expanding its services. Our two resident O&Gs, Drs Lindi Murray and Ilana Johnson, will be practicing from 1 October 2017. They also have admission rights for high-risk patients and those who might need intensive care at a neighbouring hospital, as well as to the neonatal intensive care unit at the same hospital. Bookings are already being taken, and with female O&Gs being particularly sought after, we are sure that their diaries are going to fill up very fast.

“Drs Murray and Johnson join our two-back up O&Gs Drs Jacky Searle and Michael Kleyn in collaborating and partnering with our midwives, and all believe in Origin’s philosophy of family-centred care based on scientific principles. The Grove De Beer Midwife Practice continues to offer its services exclusively to Origin and its clients.

“Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital has also obtained a gynaecology licence, which means that our two resident O&Gs are able to carry out gynaecological procedures, including day cases. This will take place in partnership with Advanced Health, in the same building as Origin.

“While we remain proud to offer our special brand of midwife-led care, we are now able to offer the best of both worlds – births with either midwives or O&Gs, including elective caesarean sections for those who desire them. We of course still offer water births, for as long as water restrictions allow.

“We have also welcomed an additional two paediatricians, Drs Wayne Hough and Hennie Liebenberg, to our duty roster.

“All in all it means that we are growing, and growing fast – and that we are able to offer our clients an increased array of options and choices. Other services that we offer include on-site Registration of Births by the Department of Home Affairs (every other Wednesday 10h00-12h00), and vaccinations (from October 2017).”

Contact Origin Family-Centred Maternity Hospital on 021 911 0650, reception@omhs.co.za, see www.originmaternityhospitals.co.za

Origin’s two new resident O&G specialists, Dr Lindi Murray (left) and Dr Ilana Johnson.

Origin’s two new resident O&G specialists, Dr Lindi Murray (left) and Dr Ilana Johnson.