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We would like to thank Elani van Wyk Photography and Light Lounge Studio (interiors) for their photographs that we used on our website. 

Jana Engelbrecht Photography: Maternity and newborns

Women look back fondly on their pregnancies, cherishing moments such as first feeling their babies move. Don’t forget to capture this beautiful season in a woman’s life by making sure that you take enough photos.

Jana Engelbrecht is a proud member of the International Newborn Photography Association, and specialises in maternity and newborn photography. It will be her honour to capture this special time in your family's lives by creating eternal memories from her works of art.

Maternity shoots can be done at between 30 and 36 weeks, depending on how comfortably you carry. Shoots can be done either on location (weather permitting) or in studio.

Newborn shoots are usually done within the first 5-2 days after birth. This is essential, as after the first 2 weeks it becomes very difficult and even a little dangerous to handle and photograph the babies (as they also don't sleep so well during the shoot). So the younger the better (unless they were born a little early and still weigh under 4.5 kg). 

Newborns can be very unpredictable – so the shoot needs to be done in a very 'controlled' environment with the perfect temperature, light, atmosphere and noise levels. Therefore all shoots are done at the Studio, Light Lounge (opposite Cape Gate). The shoots are done in the morning between 09:30 and 12:30 as this gives the best results with little ones. Jana provides all props, backdrops, outfits, headbands, etc. for baby.

Jana together with her husband have been the preferred photographers for many well-known personalities and celebrities in South Africa, from singers to actors, entertainers, sportsmen and models and were responsible for photographing the interiors of Origin.

They are proud to have Emo and Michelle Adams as their brand ambassadors. Their work has been featured in numerous magazines, including Sarie, Finesse, Huisgenoot, Sports Illustrated, HuisgenootTrou and Mooitroues.

You can view her work and contact her at:

Jana Engelbrecht Photography

082 081 3998



Elani van Wyk Photography: Family, maternity and birth

Elani chose a challenging career by studying law, and after graduating from Stellenbosch University successfully established her own law firm. The world of legal work, being typically rather strait-laced and serious, increasingly made her yearn for a bit more beauty and magnificence in her life. Her outlet was photography.

When she married and later became the mother of two beautiful children her world changed significantly. Elani was freer to pursue her heart’s desire and really start taking her photography more seriously.

In the  fortunate position of being able to work from home, engaged 24/7 in the balancing act of managing the unceasing mayhem of two energetic children together with her other responsibilities, she learned the importance of appreciating and cherishing those fleeting moments of hilarity, drama, chaos and wonder.  The camera and its clicking shutter was ever close at hand, and so she set out to immortalise the blessed privilege of family life, motherhood and the realities of existence encountered in simple everyday occurrences. She was now free to capture those split seconds of beauty and pathos, the moments otherwise irretrievably missed and often so quickly forgotten.

Elani van Wyk is currently deservedly  making a name for herself as a portrait, lifestyle and birth photographer, and the secret of her success lies not only in her love of the work, but in her demonstrable love and affection towards the people who are the focus of her art.

Her forté is family, maternity and birth photography and she is accredited  as a birth photographer with the South African Birth Photography Association.

You can view her work and contact her at:

Elani van Wyk

083 593 2224




Yellow Lemon: Birth photography

Yellow Lemon specialises in birth photography in Cape Town. Kristen is a single mom to three busy and content little people. Her husband was tragically killed riding his motorbike when she was just three weeks pregnant with their third baby. She says: “As a mother of three who has been through tragedy, I have so much appreciation for these special moments that change your life. I think that to be able to show a child the story of how he/she came into this life (and how much he/she was wanted, along with siblings’ reactions) is an incredible gift to a parent, but also to that child one day.

“I truly believe that those first memories and stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children.”


You can view her work and contact her at:

Kristen van Staden

072 229 0031





yellow lemon.png

Lightpix Photography: Family, maternity and birth

You can view her work and contact her at:

Ronelle de Villiers

082 927 6731




Ronelle of Lightpix Photography tells birth stories with pictures. “From the background, non-invasively, I capture the first hello, the birth of a new family and the uncensored raw emotions of a new parent.  A new life entering this world complete and unique in every possible way.

"My own heart fills with deep joy as I witness the beauty of love and life unfolding through my lens. Each photograph is snapped with the respect, dignity and honour this beautiful experience deserves, while giving you the space to focus on the moment knowing that your experience will be captured not only in your memories.

I prefer to get to know my clients before the big date and no way better than with a maternity shoot where we can laugh and have some fun. After I have captured the birth I come back at a convenient time for a ‘meet the family’ shoot where we include siblings, grandparents and the ones that are so dear to you. I also take bits of video in between to add to this beautiful and joyous story.” 


Marysol Blomerus Photography: Birth photographer and videographer

Marysol Blomerus is a specialised birth photographer and videographer – an on-call birth storyteller using stills and full films in an emotive, powerful style tailored to your family. She is available exclusively for only 20 births a year, believing in boutique-style personalised service for her clients, each of whom is given the same level of care, respect, discretion for privacy, and sensitivity in their birth space. Marysol works with the fundamental core value that each baby is a fearfully and wonderfully made gift.

She says: “I know how important it is to have images of these events because I’ve been on the other side of the camera too. Both for a difficult birth and a redeeming beautiful birth. I know that they give you a perspective you can’t have in the moment. I think that enhances my ability to respect your space and know that to capture.”