Elzabe Groenewald

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Elzabe Groenewald completed her ultrasound training in 2002 and has been working in private practice since 2009. She says: “For me, ultrasound was a career choice that came about through chance. I fell in love with obstetric ultrasound when I saw and realised the joy that being able to see their unborn children brings to parents-to-be.

“After completing my ultrasound training I completed postgraduate degrees in Human Genetics and Reproductive Medicine. My qualifications include a BA in Radiography, BTech Radiography: Ultrasound, BSc Hons Human Genetics (Cum Laude), and MSc MedSc Reproductive Biology (Cum Laude). 

“I strive to create a joyous and uplifting experience for parents in waiting. The knowledge which we obtain from ultrasound scans helps parents-to-be to prepare themselves for whatever lies ahead. It also provides essential information for doctors and medical personnel to manage the pregnancy more effectively in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

“I am proud to be part of the Origin team – together we will create great memories for our clients!”

Please phone 082 564 5187 or email to make your ultrasound booking.

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Dr Sonja Mulder

Dr Sonja Mulder qualified as a medical doctor at Stellenbosch University in 1987. She worked mainly in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Tygerberg Hospital and then started a general medical practice in the Strand. After three pregnancy losses, she developed a special interest in antenatal medicine and particularly the well-being of the foetus. She has 17 years’ experience in scanning the foetus, is accredited by the UK Fetal Medicine Foundation, and in addition to an MB ChB also holds an honours degree in Human Genetics.

She says: “When you experience pregnancy loss, it feels like your heart is ripped out. When a woman hears that she is pregnant, she actually hears ‘I am going to be a mother’ and emotionally the change of mind (and body!) is very hard to adapt to. If this happens repeatedly, you feel there is nobody that can help you. You feel alone. Pregnancy loss is indeed a silent sorrow.”

She is passionate about helping women who experience difficulty in falling pregnant, or ‘holding’ a pregnancy, and enjoying the different stages of development in the womb with them.