Absolutely outstanding!

Thank you Origin for our amazing experience during the birth of our Daughter, Madison Jorgia Spencer. You are truly amazing. The support we received from Sunday night (13.08.17), through Monday (14.08.17), was absolutely outstanding. You have an amazing team who made such a trying time for a first time mom, so much easier. We will recommend Origin and Grové/De Beer to anyone having a baby! Thank you once again. Loads of love from our family to yours and good luck for the future, Simon and Nicole Spencer



Genuine care and exceptional support

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I cannot thank the Origin Maternity Hospital team enough for the genuine care and exceptional support during my stay with them.

Henny, you are a remarkable, strong, passionate and inspiring woman. Thank you for being a pillar of strength during the most challenging times of labour, doing everything possible to help myself and baby and for the invaluable advice. I will always be grateful to have crossed paths with you.

Sydney, I can finally say I've met a man who can multi-task...and really well too. Thank you for always putting myself and Gille at ease and making us feel totally comfortable.

To the fantastic nursing/midwifery staff....Harriet, Minette, Heike, Nicole you ladies were amazing. Thank you for taking such great care of myself and Alessia. Never did I feel like just another patient, you were attentive and genuinely caring. It was very evident that you are all very passionate about what you do.

Angelica, at front of desk...thank you for coordinating everything and being very accommodating.To the kitchen staff....wow! The meals were divine and definitely cannot be classified as "hospital food", but more like a fine dining experience.

And finally back-up gynae Dr Kleyn, thank you for being so patient with me and allowing me the extra time to attempt my natural. Although I had a c-section, I can honestly say it was a way better and far more relaxed experience than my first....the music in the background was a great distraction. The recovery has also been a lot easier and quicker than my previous procedure.

Although my birthing story didn't end up exactly like I wanted to (failed VBAC) I was blessed with an unforgettable experience. I got to experience my water breaking, 20 hours of medication-free labour, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin-to-skin and as Henny put it - daughter got to choose her own birthday and reap the benefits of contractions and all the good hormones that go with labour.

For any mom's considering Origin, I cannot recommend them enough.

....oh and the environment is absolutely beautiful, for a hospital phobe like me it felt like a home away from home!

Analita Quintal Farelo

A new standard for maternity care worldwide

We are eternally grateful to the incredible team that made us part of the Origin family for the past 30 weeks. What an amazing road! Could not have chosen better companions.

Each travel to meet for our appointments has been worthy, educative and empowering. It all finally culminating on March 24th with the miraculous birth of our little prince. 5-stars royal treatment from the very beginning, An above and beyond service from front desk to housekeeping. The palatial and stunning decor is the fitting environment for such astonishing and awe-inspiring company.

Every interaction that we have had with an Origin member or referral has been a direct life impacting and changing event. Empowering and strengthening factions of a diverse crew. The most caring, knowledgeable, relevant, multi-faceted, and fun-loving midwives. Unbelievable nourishing and addictive food served by generous and sweet food handlers topped this unique Origin experience.

After giving birth at Origin and being cared for by its unique accomplished team, there is no desire to step back into the traditional medical world for us. There should be more Origins in the world, the true new standard in maternity care.

Thank you Sydney, Henny and gifted associates, we are forever grateful and we shall truly miss you.

Carole Dansi Gill, Madagascar

A first-time mom

We recently had the privilege to meet our daughter at Origin Maternity Hospital. When I became pregnant I started my search for a hospital which will grant me time to labour on my own, without unnecessary interventions or interference and that would accommodate my husband (he would be my doula, so I needed him with me at all times). As a first-time mom I was too anxious to give birth at home, which seemed like the only option in the Western Cape, as all the other hospitals had strict procedural codes, visiting hours and an environment that promoted medicalised birth. However, as I had no experience of giving birth I also wanted an environment with all the medical interventions necessary for monitoring our baby, all available pain relief methods and a fully equipped theatre on the premises in case I needed a caesarean section. What a tall order?! But then Origin Maternity Hospital opened its doors in my 30th week of pregnancy – what a blessing!

My birth did not go as planned. I wanted a natural water birth; however at 40 weeks and 6 days my healthy daughter was delivered via caesarean section. Her heart rate indicated that she was in distress and my labour did not progress fast enough for her not to suffer. I was admitted on Thursday at 10pm with mild contractions and my child was born on Friday at 12:10pm. We opted for the birthing suite, so my husband was at my side till the Monday when we were discharged. We spent our daughter’s first 3 days together in one room as a family. My husband slept with her on his chest for the first 2 nights while I recovered. I knew my child was happy and safe and I knew that my husband was right by my side in case I needed anything, so I could rest without being worried.

Although having my husband with me at all times was such a gift, the real privilege was to be cared for by intuitive and containing midwifes. My daughter is 2 weeks old today, and we have transitioned into parenthood and being at home. We are not overwhelmed or stressed. During our time at Origin we were given the opportunity to get to know our daughter with the help of caring midwives. They were never intrusive, but always available to assist and to give invaluable advice. We emerged from Origin as confident parents with a calm child – despite having a less than desired birth. Thank you for empowering us and for giving us a supportive space to take control of our experience. We are forever in your debt!

A positive birth experience

Dear Sydney and Henny,

I would like to share with you a little bit of my positive experience at Origin Maternity Hospital.

In a country where cesarean rates and hospitalized births are so high, when you tell someone that you chose midwives as your primary caregivers you won’t always get positive replies. You will hear: “Are you sure?” “Is it safe?” “What if something goes wrong?” “I think that’s a good idea for if everything goes right.” ” This midwife hospital seems like a good idea if things go according to plan.”

If you have in mind attempting a VBAC, these replies are even more negative. Well, let me share about my “something went wrong, not everything went right, things did not go according to plan” birth experience.

My first child was born in hospital, It was an emergency c-section due to fetal distress and the doctor’s diagnosis was cephalopelvic disproportion. It would be difficult to find a place that would support me 20 months later to attempt a VBAC. Origin’s team of midwives and doctors supported my decision, for which I’m really grateful. I remember telling Sr. Henny “I want a fair opportunity to try for a VBAC.” and that’s exactly what I was given during my second birth experience.

At Origin I had the most amazing care during labour, the midwives were empathetic and compassionate and I didn’t feel like one more patient at a hospital. I could try different labour positions, I could have my husband and doula helping me at all times, I went into the bath and my baby was monitored with great care to make sure he was doing well. There was no hospital pressure, I felt the privacy of a home birth with the medical facilities of a hospital.

Unfortunately, my baby went into fetal distress and we had to go for another emergency c-section, but I can say that I actually really enjoyed my labour process. I am really glad for myself and my baby that we allowed our bodies to work through the contractions getting ourselves ready for birthing.

After delivery we thought that we would finally have our desired rest. In the comfort of Origin’s room, we slept for a few hours and ate amazing food. The staff was caring for us in an amazing way, making us feel at home. Once again the great midwifery care. The midwife realised a few hours after birth that our baby was jaundiced, and blood tests were organised very speedily.

My baby had to be sent to a NICU due to ABO blood incompatibility jaundice. The whole staff mobilised into organising the best solution so that my baby and I could be transferred together. They made sure that the transfer happened very fast, but still in a caring manner. A few people told me that it was amazing that the midwife noticed the problem and addressed it so quickly, as in other situations my baby could had suffered even more and perhaps with long-lasting consequences. The midwife still phoned us afterwards wanting to follow-up on how we were doing, and we really appreciated the genuine concern.

I would like to thank you most of all for the great care you gave to me and to my family! Thank you for the initiative of starting this hospital in Cape Town! Thank you for offering women a different approach to birth, a humanised one! Thank you for the experience that we could have in your care. Thank you to all the midwives involved in our journey.

Kindest regards,

Isabelle Souza